Dining Out In NYC During The Summer: 3 Nice Places To Eat Out

16 July 2019
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The summer is one of the best times to enjoy New York City. If you're planning a trip to see the sights, then you should also make sure to plan out where you are going to go to eat. While there are tons of nice restaurants with indoor seating in Manhattan, you should plan to make reservations at restaurants that take advantage of the outdoors during the nice weather. So, here are a few different options to look into that feature outdoor seating and wonderful views. 

A Sidewalk Café in The City

Manhattan has a number of restaurants that operate sidewalk cafés. These establishments are set up with tables and chairs outside that allow you to sit and people watch. You can look online at photos of different sidewalk cafés to see the variety of designs that these places have. For example, some outdoor cafés have a perimeter barrier set up to keep the tables separate from pedestrians on the street. This might be more appealing than a café where the tables are placed directly on the sidewalk with no barrier.

You might want to combine a trip to one of the city's large museums (located on the upper east side, near Central Park) and then pick a restaurant nearby that has a sidewalk café and a nice view of the park.

Beachfront Dining on Long Island                                    

Another impressive place to go is a beachfront restaurant. You will find these all along the Long Island shore. These restaurants give you a splendid view of the ocean. Long Island is not always on a tourist's list of places to go, but it should definitely be on your list if you're looking to see the amazing coastline of New York. You can find many quaint beachfront restaurants in areas such as The Hamptons and Montauk.

Restaurants Near the Pier

Another great place to go to eat lunch would be the Pier. You should head to South Street Seaport in Manhattan. This is located at the bottom of Manhattan, near the historic seaport section of Manhattan. You will find numerous restaurants with a view of historic replica ships as well as a beautiful view of the river. Some of these restaurants have outdoor seating where you can sit on the pier and watch as the boats in the harbor come into and out of the city. While most of these restaurants focus on seafood, you will also find some classic Italian restaurants, as well as traditional American-style fare.

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