Wedding Catering: Delicious Dishes To Impress Your Guests

27 February 2023
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When it comes to wedding catering, the menu is one of the most important considerations for the big day. A wedding caterer should be able to create dishes that will impress your guests and make the day truly memorable. From appetizers to main courses and desserts, here are some delicious dishes that wedding caterers can make.


Appetizers are a great way to start the meal and can set the tone for the rest of the wedding. These can be served as the first part of the main meal, or during a pre-meal hour when your guests are waiting for you and your spouse. Popular options include:

  • Bruschetta: This classic Italian dish is made with grilled bread that is topped with fresh tomatoes, garlic, and basil. It's a simple yet flavorful dish that's sure to please.
  • Shrimp Cocktail: A timeless classic, shrimp cocktail is a great option for a formal wedding. The shrimp is served with a tangy cocktail sauce and a slice of lemon.
  • Caprese Skewers: These skewers are a colorful and flavorful way to serve mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, and fresh basil. They're light, refreshing, and perfect for a summer wedding.

If you're serving the appetizers during a pre-meal hour, make sure they're all easily eaten by hand. People won't be sitting at tables with utensils.

Main Courses

The main course is the centerpiece of the meal and should be chosen carefully. The caterer should be able to offer a range of dishes to cater to all tastes. Here are some good options:

  • Steak: A classic option for a formal wedding, steak is a crowd-pleaser. It can be served with a variety of sauces and sides, such as roasted potatoes and grilled vegetables.
  • Salmon: For a lighter option, salmon is a popular choice. It can be served with a variety of sauces, such as dill or lemon butter, and paired with a salad or roasted vegetables.
  • Vegetable Lasagna: For vegetarian guests, a vegetable lasagna is a great option. It's hearty and filling, with layers of pasta, vegetables, and cheese.

Take into account your budget when considering these options. The caterer can work with you to determine budget-friendly options if necessary.


No wedding is complete without a sweet treat to finish off the meal. Here are some delicious dessert options:

  • Wedding Cake: Of course, no wedding is complete without a beautiful wedding cake. The caterer should be able to offer a range of flavors and styles, from classic vanilla to decadent chocolate.
  • Fruit Tart: For a lighter option, a fruit tart is a great choice. It's made with a buttery crust that is filled with custard and topped with fresh fruit.
  • Chocolate Mousse: For the chocoholics, chocolate mousse is a rich and decadent option. It's made with whipped cream, chocolate, and eggs, and can be served with fresh berries or whipped cream.

Fruit is an especially good choice if any guests are gluten-free.

For more information, contact a local wedding catering company.