2 Singular Wedding Banquet Tips To Remember

11 May 2022
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The banquet room you and your soon-to-be-spouse choose as your wedding venue is important. This special setting is where you and your new spouse greet guests, dine and dance together as a newly wedded couple, and make lasting memories.

As you prepare for your wedding day, make sure the banquet room serves its purpose impeccably. Venue size and guest count are important, but so are other considerations. Read on to learn more about these wedding banquet tips to remember.

1. Include an Overflow Table

Sometimes a very large wedding reception can swell in numbers when invitees bring one or two additional guests. Unexpected guests might disrupt carefully planned seating arrangements and create tension or discomfort. Guests with nowhere to sit will feel uncomfortable and even unwelcome.

Your wedding is a joyous occasion for everyone that should not be marred with distressing moments. You can eliminate any awkward surprises when you include an overflow table in your seating plans. An overflow table is an extra table and seating for unexpected guests. Additional seating gives them a place to sit and be part of the festivities.

An overflow table should have the same attention to décor as other tables. You and your spouse can decide ahead of time whether to include overflow seats in dinner service plans.

2. Dedicate Time To Be With Your New Spouse

You may feel like your wedding day goes by in a blur. The ceremony, reception, and other formal events of the day can overwhelm you. Happy excitement and enjoyment with friends and family members you may rarely see can pull your focus away from the amazing accomplishment you performed that day with your spouse.

Few couples fully realize the significance of their new status and take a second to savor the moment with one another. Dedicate time to be alone with your new spouse for a bit and relish your newly married status together without distractions.

You can plan a few moments before the banquet begins to share some champagne or appetizers together. Doing so may help you both mentally slow down to more fully realize the emotions you feel for the moment and for one another. You'll also appreciate the breather and feel more energized for the rest of the day.

You can make family and friends feel more comfortable when you include an overflow table in your wedding banquet. Additionally, you and your spouse can better enjoy the moment you are newly married when you dedicate time to be with your new spouse right before the reception begins. 

For more information, look into the banquet room options in your area.