Custom Pizza Topping Ideas Ideal For Replicating Salads

28 October 2020
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Comparing a pizza to a salad seems like an impossible venture, especially as you watch your calories and try to select healthy foods. However, with the right choices and a customized pizza menu, you can easily turn your next pizza pie into a fairly healthy option. Check out the options and learn how to replicate a salad on a pizza.

Cauliflower Crust

The crust often presents one of the unhealthiest options on a pizza, but you can change that by ordering a cauliflower crust base on your pizza. Cauliflower has been used for several years as a pizza crust replacement as the vegetable gets broken down and pressed into a pizza crust shape.

The cauliflower becomes crispy and strong, much like a regular crust. The subtle flavors of the cauliflower allow the rest of the pizza to stand out and elevate.

EVOO Sauce

The use of a pizza sauce like marinara will likely take away a lot of the fresh salad flavors on a pizza. One way to keep the pizza fresh and similar to a salad is with a base of extra virgin olive oil. The EVOO adds good moisture, soaks into the crust, and provides nice flavors when other toppings are added to the pizza.


Mix and match a variety of cheeses to replicate the cheese found in various salads. Along with a mozzarella base, you can consider the use of feta cheese chunks spread across the top of the pizza. Some places may offer blue cheese crumbles or goat cheese slices as alternative options as well.


One of the more important toppings for a salad-based pizza is vegetables. A spinach topping provides the ideal leafy greens for the pizza. Select from other toppings, including tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, and black olives. All of the vegetables combine to create a great mix similar to a bowl of salad.


If you're looking to add some extra protein to the pizza, consider tossing on some chicken to the pizza. Fresh pieces of chicken mix well with the vegetables. To keep the pizza healthy, opt for grilled chicken as opposed to breaded and deep-fried options.

Drizzled Topping

While the EVOO is an ideal base for the pizza, you can top the whole pie like you would with a real salad. A ranch drizzle covers everything up on the salad bowl and really completes the salad experience on a pizza.

Before you order a customized pizza, check out all the toppings ahead of time to see which toppings will work best on your pizza.