Ideas for Planning an Italian Themed Birthday Party

16 October 2018
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Themed birthday parties are a great way to celebrate the interests of the person who is turning one year older. Sometimes, interests can be things like cars, dinosaurs, or animals, but people can also have interests in specific places and cultures. If your family member or friend loves fast cars, pasta, and gelato, you might consider throwing them an Italian-themed birthday party. Here are some ideas to help make the party a success. 

1. Order in authentic Italian pizza. 

You might order some takeout pizzas that are more Italian than American style. American pizzas have more cheese; thicker crust; and different toppings like ham, sausage, or pepperoni. In contrast, authentic pizzas have fresh mozzarella, homemade tomato sauce, basil, and Italian meats like prosciutto. One idea is to have Italy's most famous pizza—the Margherita pizza, which represents the flag of Italy with tomato sauce, fresh green basil, and white lumps of cheese. 

2. Have Italian drinks.

For an adult party, you might get a wine that is imported from Italy, which is famous for its vineyards. For a kid's party, you might serve lemonade since Italy can grow fine citrus fruits in the hot climate. 

3. Feature famous Italian fare. 

You could showcase some excellent Italian food as side dishes or finger foods for people to enjoy. Sevre grape tomatoes, olives, and cheese with basil on toothpicks. You can also have a pasta dish like lasagna or spaghetti. You might also feature these items in a sweet way. For example, you could decorate a cake to look like a tomato or even make fondant stripes to mimic the Italian flag. You could make ice cream spaghetti and meatballs by running ice cream through a sieve to make strands and then using strawberry preserves as tomato sauce and chocolate hazelnut ball candies as meatballs on top.  

4. Play some games that nod to Italian heritage. 

For younger kids and teenagers, playing car racing games or Mario Kart would be a great party activity. For adults, this activity is still fun. You can also play games like Jenga, except rename it "The Leaning Tower of Pisa." "Pin the Pope on the Vatican" using a map of Italy is also another fun game. You might even consider having a bobbing for olives game where people fish salty olives out of a small bowl. You are only limited by your imagination. You could play Venetian boat music while you play musical chairs.