3 Signs That Your Employees Are Wasting Energy With Your Walk-In Freezer

27 December 2016
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If you are in the restaurant business or are in a related industry, you might rely on your walk-in freezer to keep your food frozen. You might not mind the energy that your walk-in freezer requires in order to do this important job, but there is still a chance that your walk-in freezer is using more energy than it has to. In some cases, this is due to employees. These are a few signs that your employees are wasting energy:

1. They Leave the Light On

Your walk-in freezer probably has at least one overhead light that is used so that you and your employees can see when you are stocking the freezer or pulling items out. Even though the light itself might not use up a lot of energy, the wasted energy can really add up if the light is left on all the time. This is because the light could contribute to heating up the freezer, which could cause the freezer to have to work that much harder to keep food cold. Additionally, the light itself is probably wasting at least some electricity. Teaching employees to keep the light off when they aren't in the freezer is important to help prevent this problem.

2. They Take Multiple Trips

Of course, there will be times when your employees have to make multiple trips to the freezer, such as if they are carrying a lot of items in and out or if they forget something. However, teaching your employees to get in the habit of handling as much as possible in each trip to and from the freezer will help cut down on the number of times that the door is opened...and therefore the amount of energy that's wasted.

3. They Leave the Door Open

Hopefully, your employees do not leave the freezer door open when they aren't using it. However, some employees do get in the habit of propping the door open while they are stocking or walking in and out. This can be a major waste of energy; a better option is to use a vinyl strip door, which is easy to walk through but that can help hold the cold air in the freezer.

If you aren't careful, there is a chance that your employees are wasting energy with your walk-in freezer. Luckily, talking to your employees and making a few changes can help eliminate this waste, which can save your business money. For more information on your freezer, contact companies like Hy-Point Restaurant Equipment & Supplies Inc.