Breakfast Sandwich Ideas

15 December 2016
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When you think of sandwiches, lunch most likely comes to mind, but the compact, on-the-go meals are ideal for breakfast as well. Whether you're a meat-eater, vegetarian, or vegan, you'll have plenty of delicious and filling breakfast sandwich options. 

Instead of grabbing a doughnut on your way out of the door in the morning, spend a few more minutes to fix a hearty meal that will hold you over until lunch. You can create a healthy breakfast sandwich filled with proteins and carbohydrates, which will sustain you much longer than a sugary pastry will. 

Here are some palate-pleasing breakfast sandwich ideas to get you started:

1. Egg and Cheese Muffins or Bagels 

Although egg and cheese is likely the most popular breakfast sandwich combination, there are many variations, ranging from traditional to gourmet. Start with the egg type of your preference, such as sunny-side-up, scrambled or just egg whites. Top it with any type of cheese, such as Swiss, cheddar, brie, Gouda or even jalapeno jack if you want a little kick.

Toast a white or whole wheat English muffin or a bagel of your choice, and spread it with butter. Place the egg-and-melted cheese combo in between the muffin or bagel for a simple-yet-tasty breakfast. Experiment with adding either real or soy-based bacon or sausage for an even heartier sandwich. 

2. Avocado Toast 

Another easy and delicious breakfast sandwich idea is creamy avocado on toasted bread. Begin by toasting two pieces of the bread of your choice, and then spread a thick layer of mashed avocado on one of them.

You can add salt, pepper, hot sauce or any other type of condiment that you desire. To make it even more filling, top the avocado spread with lox, sliced tomatoes or cucumbers before placing the second piece of toast on top.

3. Ham-and-Cheese Croissants

Perfect for weekend mornings when you want to treat yourself and your loved ones, ham-and-cheese croissants are ideal for serving in bed. Place two slices of either real or soy-based ham on a half of a sliced croissant, and top it with sliced Swiss, cheddar, Havarti, or any other type of cheese.

Place the other half of the croissant on top and wrap the sandwich in foil. Bake in the oven until the cheese is completely melted. 

If you're typically short on time in the morning on your rush to work, you can make a few of the sandwiches ahead of time, wrap them in foil, and pop them into the oven while you're getting ready to go.

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